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  • Calculating total value from InfluxDB streams

    Calculating total value from InfluxDB streams

    The energy data in my home is collected using Shelly devices. For the total power consumed in the house, I’m using the Shelly 3EM 3-Phase Energy Meter. Data points are pushed to a Mosquitto MQTT server and imported into InfluxDB using Telegraf. Finally, the data is displayed in a Grafana dashboard. The entire setup will […]

  • Setting up a WIFI hotspot in Windows 7,8,10

    netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=yourssid key=YourWifiSecret netsh wlan start hostednetwork

  • Redirecting Apache HTTP to HTTPS

    Now that everyone can enjoy and use free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt, let’s all encrypt! To forward HTTP requests to secure HTTPS, there are multiple options. If you’re using some kind of panel to edit Apache configuration (like ISPConfig) that does not allow to edit the virtual host for HTTP separate from the virtual […]

  • AngularJS ng-options syntax

    I keep forgetting the correct syntax for ng-options in angular dropdowns. The documentation can be found here: The syntax used in the documentation is a bit confusing: A concrete example for the syntax would look like this: I hope this helps myself and maybe someone else as well…

  • Running ASP.NET vnext on Ubuntu Linux

    After reading a lot about ASP.NET vNext I finally found an hour to give it a try. I only got as far as running the first sample webs, but it’s very nice to see it work. There where some steps I had to take to get it up and running: is a good starting […]

  • Sublime Text customization settings

    Here’s a backup of my custom settings for my favorite text-editor Sublime. Default (Windows).sublime-keymap [ // Add 7 to toggle_comment command for German keyboard handling { “keys”: [“ctrl+shift+7”], “command”: “toggle_comment”, “args”: { “block”: true } }, ] Preferences.sublime-settings { “ignored_packages”: [ “Vintage”, ], “word_wrap”: “false” }

  • OpenWRT on TP-Link TL-WDR4900

    My wifi connections at home have been really slow using a really old AVM Fritz!Box, so I decided to upgrade to a TL-WDR4900. (The only thing still missing is 802.11 ac but the cheapest router providing that would be the Asus RT-AC66U AC1750 for twice the price of the TL-WDR4900, so that wasn’t worth it for me.) […]

  • Continuous improvement

    I started writing most of this article back in January and did not have time to finish it since – because I was stuck in doing exactly the things that I wanted to avoid. Now it’s time to finish the article so I’ll be able to compare my recent experience to my oh so nobel […]

  • Synchronize a long-running task to the UI-Thread in WPF/.NET

    This post explains how to process data from a task in WPF in a way I’d consider “best-practice”. The main code could or should be in the view-model. Code-behind (keep it short or better yet use a delegate command) And the code in the view-model: StartSearch() is a method in the view-model class and sets […]

  • Replace Linebreak in Excel

    Just a quick note because this helped me a lot 🙂 To replace a linebreak in an excel cell: In Excel, choose Edit>Replace Click in the Find What box Hold the Alt key, and (on the number keypad), type 0010 This represents a line break in Excel. You won’t see anything in the ‘Find What’ […]