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Best Practices / Richtlinien

Model-Binding entweder mit Parameter-Blacklist, oder über Whitelist

Put your controllers on a diet

Controllers should be really thin: they only accept an incoming request, dispatch an action to a service- or business layer and eventually respond to the incoming request with the result from service- or business layer, nicely wrapped and translated in a simple view model object.

In short: don’t put business logic in your controller!

Link list

Link list in ScottGu’s Blog

ScottGu’s Blog ASP.NET MVC Framework

Compile-time View Checking

Form validation

MVC Best Practices


Mehrsprachigkeit – Best practices



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  1. the way I learned MVC was using the Models, Controllers and View fleodrs and data access being separate.To me, this example is very confusing, since in your Repository, you have ListEmployeesViewModel there is no model for the controller in the model folder. I have a very hard time distinguishing how the parts all fit together.

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